Floral has always been the essential part of any scent that adds a spicy, sweet and exotic touch. A wide range of floral accents are available to produce different kinds of fragrances. Jasmine, Tuberose, Hyacinths and Ylang Ylang are the most preferred white flowers which are used for making attractive and exotic perfumes.  But preservation and packaging is also very important and you need to use some crystal or glass perfume bottle to preserve your perfume. Even you can also choose some perfumes with come with antique perfume bottles and they will add more elegance in your dressing table.


Different types of white flowers that are used for making exotic perfumes:

Ylang Ylang


Spicy, sweet and fruity – You can find all these three notes together in this heady white flower which is often referred as the ‘Flower of poor’. Generally grown over trees, Ylang Ylang was originated from South East Asia. Later, these flowers were grown in Philippines and Indonesia alike tropical areas. Other areas like America, Africa and Caribbean also observe the massive production of such flowers. To derive 1 kg of oil, only 400 kg of flower are required. Ylang oil is found in many forms but the notable one is ‘Second’ and ‘Third’ extracts. Salicylates are the highly-used molecules to create the synthetic version of Ylang Ylang. This is one of the soft scents with creamy effect which has the accent of mild balsamic. La Via del Profumo Tasneem and Annick Goutal Passion are two antique perfume bottles in this series.




Mainly grown in India, Jasmine Sambac is one of the most popular flowers that are used in perfumery to generate a spicy effect. The name of the flower Jasmine is derived from the Persian word ‘Yasmine’ which means ‘fragrance’. Jasmine Grandiflorum is another species of Jasmine commonly grown in France. This flower is native in Iran and Afghanistan. Spicy with sweet accents, it is one of the most expensive floral notes which are used for making various scents to accentuate their ‘animalic’ notes. This is a perfect mix of fruity and spicy drawls which uplifts the addictive tones of your scent. You can derive 1 kg of absolute extract as viscous yellowish-brown liquid from a whopping quantity of 750 kg of Jasmine flowers. Such scents are often created synthetically using Hedione. Other molecules like Linalool, indole, benzyl acetate and cisjasmone are also used for this purpose. Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari and Joy by Jean Patou are some of the exclusive crystal perfume bottles that can be used as home décor as well.




Among most dominant fragrances in all the White Flower species, the extract of Tuberose delivers carnal and earthy facets with the reminiscent of butter and metal. Resembling to the fragrances of Gardenia, the scent is derived from the blossom petals of Tuberose. Like Jasmine, a large quantity of flower is required to extract the essence of scent. As the tiniest extracts need large volumes of Tuberose, the chances are that scents are recreated synthetically. Orange Blossom by Morocco and Flowerhead by Byredo are the two tuberose inspired antique perfume bottles.




Narcissi is one of the deliciously fragrant flower which produces a captivating effects with its sweet essence. Grown in Israel and Ancient Egypt, it comes in variations. Narcissus Tazetta and Narcissus ‘Paperwhite Grandiflora’ are two of its ascendants which are widely used in perfumery. The fragrance of Narcissi is strong and enriched. To produce a 1 kg of concrete, it takes only 500 kg of Narcissi flowers. Grasse in France and Netherlands are the two major narcissus essential oil producers. There are several species of Narcissi available and Narcissus poeticus is widely used by the perfumery industry.  Narcisse Bleu by Hermes, Demeter Fragrance by Daffodil and CB I Hate Perfume by Jonquil are some of the best perfumes that are available in crystal perfume bottles.


So, now you can buy the best white flower perfume according to your preferences, but make sure that the perfumes are packed with crystal or glass bottle. Apart from that, if you want to customize your own perfume then you can use the same essential oils with some perfume making materials.  Choose the different floral perfumes for different occasions and you can select the best one from online stores.