Exactly why do I have to publish content on your website?

Everyone should know how critical one way backlinks are to strengthen your positioning in Search Engines Like Google. Your internet site receives a high quality anchor link from an outstanding, non-spammy magazin and news webpage, therefore boosting your positioning over time.

If it turns out we enjoy your content, we are going to encourage you to post consistently for our website, which is going to improve your Search engine optimisation and even assist you to develop your self as the expert in your niche.

Explain the themes I will write about?

Often i will publish your guest post, when it suits to the following different categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion and Style
  • Women Topics
  • Health and Fitness
  • News
  • Cool Gadgets and Tech
  • Product and Customer Reviews
  • Work and Business related Topics

Like I told you, your article could vary from our key themes, but it has to fulfill our submission standards.

Just what are your current submission criteria?

We have high criteria for our posts, for the reason that we do not intend to fail our people. Your blog post is required to honor the following standards:

Long blog posts

Search engines really likes web pages tons of written content, which means that we will not post guest post with less than 500 words.


We admire tall pics. Virtually all your images have to be over and above 720 pixel width and more than 1100 pixel high. In addition you require the right to make use of the pictures. In case you upload a picture to your guest post, deliver it to us in the form of an attachment rather then in the email or in the guest post. More detailed requirements on how to submit a blog post will follow.


We would like to support, advocate and therefore help our visitors. That’s why we remain an optimistic and special writing style. Our customers features working mother who are trying to guide their youngsters to eat right, individuals that intend to make the first step to a greatly improved life as well as other everyday persons. Never submit articles for medical experts. Make it easy and uncomplicated.

Backlinks to other internet pages

You can expect to get a backlink in your writer bio. We don’t allow building links to nonessential articles or not trusted sources.

Unique Content

Bing and Google hates duplicates, due to this fact we usually do not post articles which are not 100% unique. We inspect each individual blog post with Copyscape and also one additional plagiarism checker. So do not even make an effort to submit content, which has already been published on a second web site.

Contributor Bio

Your bio has to be three to four phrases long and published in third-person. You are free to leave your social media profiles into the bio.


Your guest post should never be to promotional, just about a certain product or company. If you need to submit a¬†article concerning ‘how to find the perfect handbag for you’ , your are welcome to do, nonetheless it should not be just about a selected service, brand or business.

How do I upload my article?

Send your offer to info@sattrackhouston.com with the phrase ‘Guest Post – Write for Us’ . Integrate your guest post, or simply an overview, as Google Docs url not to mention give everybody with the means to access the backlink the consent to read through and also modify your blog post.

You could also upload a word document, if perhaps that is quicker for you. In both circumstances put in all imagery in the attachment. We are going to get in touch with you in a couple of weeks, in case we want your guest post.

We would be glad to hear from you. Do not be nervous and mail us your post.