The style of an engagement ring is a personal preference, some would be brides in Australia dream of classic round cuts while others hope for a glam emerald style with a gigantic rock. However, if you have already started to look for the diamond engagement ring, you would have noticed that it comes with a steep price tag attached to it. If you want a more significant, flashy centre stone, the price can further increase making it tough to select a perfect stone without having to compromise on size.

However, what if I say that you can make the diamond in your ring look bigger without having to shell out more money? Delighted! However, thinking how, it is possible with the right kind of engagement ring setting.

The setting plays a prominent role as it defines the engagement rings styles, adds drama to the diamond and above all protects the diamond from loss or damage. The right kind of setting and banc can make the diamond in your engagement ring look more significant and even more sparkling without increasing the cost much.

Here are some settings you can choose to add the extra bling.


  • Cluster Setting


Cluster setting in an engagement ring places group of small diamonds of similar size next to each other to create an illusion of a big solitaire diamond. This technique maximises the sparkle as well and the total cost of these small clustered diamonds is much less than a solitaire of equivalent weight. However, to pull this setting together requires an expert and skilled artisan or designer. Diamonds of the same colour grade as well as round brilliant cut work best for clustered setting and diamond engagement ring designers know this and match the colour grade accordingly to produce such kind of rings. ADC, the diamond store in Melbourne have master jewellers and skilled designers and they have a marvellous collection of such engagement rings in their store. The prong setting uses less metal which highlights the diamonds, allowing maximum fire from each stone.


  • Halo Setting


Halo setting style offers various ways for creating big diamond look as well as ways to personalise and customise your engagement ring. In this ring setting the centre stone is surrounded by a collection of round pave or micro pave diamonds in the same colour as the centre diamond or coloured diamonds as you want. The diamonds are pave set which flash with light and focus attention back on the centre stone to create interest and draw people’s gaze to your ring. If you are choosing halo setting, then you can either choose a high-carat centre diamond as it will look enormous or go for a quarter, third or half carat diamond as it will look half a carat larger. So, no matter what your budget, a halo ring setting gives your diamond an added sparkle.


  • Pave Setting


Pave setting in engagement rings help create the illusion of a more massive centre stone. Various small gemstones or diamonds are used for it which is set firmly to each other. The diamonds are separated and held in place by little beads of the setting metal. The beads are either pulled from the existing metal in the setting or are soldered on. Metal beads virtually disappear into the background resulting in a continuous surface of diamonds or other gems. Pave set diamonds are typically very secure and will not fall off easily.


  • Invisible Setting


The invisible setting technique originated in the 1920s to show only the gemstones hiding the metal mountings which is still prevalent today. In invisible setting, small diamonds are cut with grooved pavilions and then slipped into a thin wire framework eliminating the need for prongs setting allowing the diamonds to set against each other. This results in a group of diamonds giving an illusion like one large gem. The diamonds used here are princess cut or square shape as they easily set in the framework.

Those as mentioned above are some of the diamond engagement settings to help you achieve more bling for your buck.