Tired of the monotonous look of your house? Want to do something innovative? Change the look of your home this year with fantastic new ideas and chic and trendy looking furniture. Surprise yourself and make your house feel the way it must with quality furniture, stylish design and simplicity. Then, look no more my dear friend your guide to interior design is here.


If you want a sofa that has a contemporary feel to it then go for the lazy time sofa. The modular, modern and beautiful design of this place will give your place the changed look it needs. The Elan sofa or the Clouds sofa are a few other designer-based sofas. These amazing sofas are available at great deals and fantastic offers in shops near you. Not only can you design your personalized sofas but also enjoy the beautiful ideas with which they make innovative and handcrafted sofas.

Fragrance and Beauty.

The way to do this right is by including beauty and fragrance to your home. How about some lovely candles that are scented and come in jars of square shapes? They even have a beautiful emblem that is decorated on the top and front of the jar. You can choose them from stores, with amazing discount. So, hurry today. A hexagonal jar made out of a glass with a wooden lid, that is small in size and has a powerful and overwhelming scent.


Everyone loves the touch of green in their homes but never forget to get rid of the ones that are dusty, dead or dying. If you’re incapable of looking after them, then buy artificial ones that are easily available in the market. But, if you’re in love with the greenery then add some plants in your living room, kitchen, bedroom and even those unnoticed corners. You can place them in handcrafted baskets of wicker, ceramics or clay.

Add them today.

How about a beautiful wall art? Maybe quite a few of them to spice up your room and decorate your walls. They are now available at the huge sale going on multiple websites like Dealvoucherz where everything is offered at 20% discount.

Needs some tools for your kitchen or maybe bedroom? Bored of the same kind of stools? Perhaps tools that are shaped like wine corks. What better place than Impulse Purchase which is having a sale and offering great deals and discounts.

Done are you, with that annoying wastebasket? Want something unusual yet cheap?


A white kitchen, with faded natural wooden floors just adds glamour. Have closed cabinets of white. You can add a beautiful hanging ceiling lamp in bronze. To add the needed colour, place a natural, polished wooden table and some chairs (charcoal or brown). Add the texture to this kitchen with plants like that of different species of cacti or succulents. Some monstera leaves, faux Plax and begonia trees. A few hand-painted clay vases with your favourite flowers can rest beside the sink.

Living Room.

You can have your TV in this room that is beautifully set above a wooden frame. Add some white and black combination chairs with comfortable leather. Go ahead place that plant at the corner of the room with some cushions on the leather chairs. A dark green shade of the pillows will go exceptionally well with the leather. You can add a rug underneath the coffee table in beige or light grey. The carpet can be woven in Persian style. Even though the tone of the room is white, it will go amazing with the rug, plants and the beautiful rich, dark brown leather sofas.


Have patterned tiles on the bathroom floors. The white, cream or cashmere sink can sit on top of a cabinet (brown or black) with multiple drawers to store up all your essentials. Keep the look intact, and your paint walls white too. If you ever get bored of the monotonous white shade then paint the wall behind your tub or add some beautiful wallpapers if you want. How about those scented candles in some glass jars? A round mirror in a rich ebony frame is a must on top of that sink.

Way to go that extra mile with these innovative and trendy changes. The touch of sophistication and class will find your home when you go ahead and do the necessary detailing your home was lacking for so long.